The other side of Venice

Venice in Black in White

Turn your head away from Venice’s tourist spots for a moment and you may just find a flicker of authenticity nestling in some corner of the city. May 2015.

#StreetArtWeek: See no evil, hear no evil speak no evil in Venice

Chimps in Venice

Tourists at the The Rialto in Venice, Italy, are given a bit of advice from an unlikely source. May 2015.

#StreetArtWeek Thus Spake the Walls of Florence

Friedrich Nietzsche

A portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche, perhaps? Florence, Italy, May 2015.

#StreetArtWeek: Arriving at the shore of Brussels

Brussels street art

A couple from yesteryear looking over Brussels’ urban modernity. June 2016.

#StreetArtWeek: The girl who lost her pearl earrings

Girl who lost her pearl earrings

A cheeky take on Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with the pearl earrings found on the streets of Florence, Italy. May 2015.

#StreetArtWeek: Spider Jerusalem of Venice

Street art Venice

“Cheap! But not as cheap as your girlfriend,” you can hear this blue version of Spider Jerusalem saying. A street art installation in Venice, Italy. May 2015.

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