It makes more sense upside down

Buddhist temple

A young visitor to the Nan Hua Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorstsptruit, South Africa, looking for a new perspective of life. February 2017.


Your hands tell me a story

George tour guide

Hands build, they love, they wave hello and goodbye, and they hold endearingly. A tour guide in George, South Africa. July 2018.

The other side of Venice

Venice in Black in White

Turn your head away from Venice’s tourist spots for a moment and you may just find a flicker of authenticity nestling in some corner of the city. May 2015.

It’s time for the lion dance

Lion dance in Johannesburg

“Are you talking to me, bub?” A rather intimidating lion questions the crowd’s mettle at the Chinese New Year celebrations in Cyrildene, Johannesburg, South Africa. March 2018.