You pissed off Anubis


Anubis, also known as Wepwawet, the Egyptian god of embalming and the dead. Statue by ARH Statues. East London, South Africa, March 2013.


Protector of Hong Kong

Hong Kong by night

Oh, you cute little lion, you. Come here, coochy coochy coo. Hong Kong, November 2015.

The other side of Venice

Venice in Black in White

Turn your head away from Venice’s tourist spots for a moment and you may just find a flicker of authenticity nestling in some corner of the city. May 2015.

#StreetArtWeek: See no evil, hear no evil speak no evil in Venice

Chimps in Venice

Tourists at the The Rialto in Venice, Italy, are given a bit of advice from an unlikely source. May 2015.

#StreetArtWeek Thus Spake the Walls of Florence

Friedrich Nietzsche

A portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche, perhaps? Florence, Italy, May 2015.

#StreetArtWeek: The girl who lost her pearl earrings

Girl who lost her pearl earrings

A cheeky take on Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with the pearl earrings found on the streets of Florence, Italy. May 2015.